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Alex Mirco

Career :

Production / Medical Scientist




1. Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine – Murdoch University

2. Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science, Animal Health) – Murdoch  University

About Me
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About Me
Ask me a question

Alex currently works as a Production Scientist at a Regenerative Medicine company, manufacturing personalised cell therapies for patients. Alex also has two years’ experience in Diagnostic Molecular Pathology within the public sector, a fast-paced and high-throughput environment within the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, working with an incredible group of peers to deliver accurate clinical results within tight timeframes.

Alex’s Medical Science role saw him utilise a wide degree of technical skills and knowledge to perform a number of manual and automated testing procedures for the detection of microbial pathogens, maintaining and operating a wide range of laboratory robotics, training and onboarding new staff, and contributing to Quality Control/Quality Assurance procedures. This role also saw Alex undertake deployments to Regional Australia to facilitate urgent COVID and Respiratory PCR testing.

Outside of his work life, Alex enjoys film photography, cooking and eating with friends.

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