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Andrew Korol

Career :

Commercial Pilot



  • Aeronautics/ Aviation/ Aerospace Science and Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering (Bachelors)

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About Me


Andrew currently works at the Geraldton Air Charter, where he flies 4-8 seat aircraft to and from the coral reef laden Abrolhos islands. The job involves taking holiday makers, workers (mainly crayfishermen) and running aerial tours in some of the most challenging flying conditions in the country contending with strong winds and tiny gravel runways. His job provides a lifeline to the islands and despite only holding the job for 3 weeks has already undertaken 2 separate medical evacuations, witnessed a plane crash (no one injured), divert around an unforcasted thunderstorm and had to perform countless 0 notice flights.

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This episode features 25-year-old recently graduated Commercial Pilot - Andrew Korol, who works for the Geraldton Air Charter where he flies holidaymakers, workers and runs aerial tours in some of the most challenging flying conditions in the country.

Top Questions for Pilot:

  • 1:53 – Why become a Commercial Pilot?

  • 4:43 – Where did you go to flight school? And what are all the different options you considered and were available to become a pilot?

  • 10:21 – How long did it take to get where you are today as a pilot?

  • 12:15 What other job options did you consider

  • 13:39 – Did you have a source of income (or part-time job) when studying flight school?

  • 15:59 – Did you have a back-up option?

  • 17:33 – How do you cope with the work hours or work life balance? (Both mental and physical aspects).

  • 19:16 – How do you deal with stressful situations when you’re on the job?

  • 20:27 – Do you have time to see your family and spend time with them?

  • 22:51 – What can you do now to prepare for flight school and becoming a pilot? What are tips to do well in the application and interview process?

  • 28:13 – Andrew’s final words of advice to anyone who wants to pursuit the pathway to become a Pilot.

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