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Anesu Dumba

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Competitive Bodybuilder




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About Me

Anesu is currently competing in the bodybuilding division as a men's physique competitor while working his way into the men's classic physique division. He has been competing for this sport approaching 5 years now and doesn't intend to stop as he finds this is the sport for him.

Anesu has a long sporting history from childhood up to now including tennis, rugby, basketball, cricket, sport and track athletics, karate, kickboxing, and tae kwon do. He loves sports and he believes it's one of the greatest things ever invented.

Being a bodybuilding competitor, training for Anesu is 6-7 days a week in the gym and there's no time limit when he's in there, it's just until he's done what needs to be done. Nutrition is very important so he tracks his macronutrients which may be the hardest thing about bodybuilding if he had to pick. You need to be patient as everything is not going to happen over one night, disciplined, consistent, resilience, always pushing through and seeking to progress when it comes to each session, and mentally tough as the body will do what the mind says must, most of all have a genuine passion, hunger, and love for the process of the sport.

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