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Callum Smith

Career :

Photography and Videography




1. Certificate IV in Business and Finance

2. Certificate III in Screen and Media

3. Completed 3 x 4-6 Weeks Photo and Business Courses

About Me
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About Me

My name is Callum and I am a professional Photographer, a company owner and videographer. We offer Photography and Video services for corporate events and promotions, social events, weddings and Non for Profit organisations. I have been a business owner since 2018, and then 2020 I was working full time for myself. I love working with people, offering a service that isn't essential but considered a 'luxury' and being able to meet and greet people from all over the world, no matter who they are. I've photographed over 100 Weddings and 500+ Events, both social and corporate and filmed dozens of company videos. 


I love my job, the people I meet and the projects I'm able to be a part of.

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

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