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Christian Portelli

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1. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) - Curtin University

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About Me

Christian is a pharmacist who specialises in medicines knowledge and patient care. Working in a range environments from Hospital to community pharmacies, with specific interest in rural health care. Having completed time in physiotherapy, realising it was not for him and having some time away from University. Christian soon found pharmacy which became his full time passion.

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This episode features 26-year-old Pharmacist – Christian Portelli, who specialises in medicines and patient care. Christian has worked in many different environments, from Hospitals all the way to community pharmacies and he has lot to share!

Top questions asked by students for Pharmacist:

00:00 – Intro

01:56 – Did you always want to become a pharmacist?

03:27 – How hard is to become a pharmacist?

05:13 – What university did you select to study and why?

05:49 – Did you look locally or over east for university?

07:28 – What is the study workload like in university?

09:47 – How much time would you need to comprise on your social life?

11:22 – What does a normal day look like?

13:56 – What time does you day start and finish from Monday to Sunday?

15:05- What does your work schedule look like?

15:55 – What is the most challenging aspect of he role?

17:49 – Do you have to be a social person to jump into this career?

21:00 – How much do you get paid and how far can it go?

23:21 – What are your long-term goals and ambitions with this career?

25:43 – What advice would you have for someone who is not enjoying their career path and how can they change it?

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