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Claudio Pizzirani

Career :

Mechanical Engineer



  1.  Masters of Professional Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  2. Bachelor of Engineering Science, Mecjanical Engineering

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About Me

With his natural curiosity for moving mechanical objects, Claudio turned his love of taking things apart, studying, and modifying them, into a career that suit him best, a mechanical engineer. In his current position, he involves himself with trains, trucks, ships, and other matter of vehicles through the use of simulation and computational design.

“I love combining my creative and technical brains to draw and design.” says Claudio. He knew very early on what he is passionate about and is able to make logical steps toward his master degree at UWA.

Continue to where he is today, successful as an engineer for Fortescue Future Industries where he has been developing for the last 4 years, continues solving problems and helping people live a more comfortable and convenient life.

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