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Darren Sweeney

Career :





1. Certified Practicing Accountant - CPA Australia

2. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) - Curtin University

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About Me

Darren has been working as an accountant at Resonate Business Consulting since 2016, providing all forms of traditional accounting work and tax advice, but also business development and advisory. His main focus involves working in teams aim to help establish start-up business, advise small medium enterprise (SME) businesses on compliance issues, design corporate and family structures to better navigate the tax system and prepare financial statements and tax returns for all businesses.

Darren also values his down-time, where he usually spends his time-off playing golf, football or camping when he gets the chance!

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features by 27-year-old Accountant – Darren Sweeney, who has been working for an advisory firm called Resonate Business Consulting since 2016! Apart from traditional accounting work, he is involved a number of other areas which include advisory and setting up of small business or start-ups, creating corporate structures for tax purposes and preparing financial statements for companies.

Top Questions for Accountant:

  • 1:13 – Why did you choose to become an accountant?

  • 1:53 – Was there any hesitation in choosing this career path?

  • 2:42 – What career options did you have after completing your accounting studies in university?

  • 4:56 – Was it difficult to find a job after university?

  • 6:40 – What is your favorite part of the job?

  • 7:57 – What is the culture like in your company?

  • 10:19 – Are you able to sustain a good work-life balance?

  • 11:36 – Is the pay what you expected in this role?

  • 12:39 – What is the expected starting salary?

  • 13:02 – Is there significance salary increase over time or not?

  • 13:45 – Does your current salary satisfy the lifestyle you have?

  • 15:27 – Did you have any back-up options?

  • 17:29 – If you had a chance go back in time during university, would you do anything differently?

  • 20:45 – Any further advice to anyone who wants to pursuit a pathway of accounting?

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