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David Lu

Career :




  1.  Cert III Hospitality

  2. Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Physiology and Pharmacology) UWA

  3. Bachelor of Science 

  4. Honours (Respiratory Physiology)

About Me
Ask me a question
About Me
Ask me a question

David is a consultant that works with the biggest companies in every industry. Prior to working as a consultant, David studied Physiology and Pharmacology at The University of Western Australia. He believed this was the right path for him and pursued research within the field of Respiratory Physiology. David has an interest in solving the most complex problems and enjoys learning about the world, its developments and how he can assist with the most complex issues we face today. Consulting roles are challenging as high-level problem-solving skills are necessary. As a result, graduates from all backgrounds are welcome – in fact, graduates with different backgrounds are encouraged to apply as these different experiences tend to be assets for consulting firms.

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