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Edward Sawle

Career :

Teacher (High School)




1. Masters of Secondary Teaching  - UWA

2. Undergraduate in Geography and Environmental Science - UWA

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About Me

Edward is a Secondary School Teacher that specialises in teaching Geography and Environmental Science. He is currently employed at Iona Presentation College and has had previous experience teaching for the Department of Education as well as tutoring at a variety of Boarding Schools in Perth. An experienced traveler with plenty remaining on the bucket list, Edward spends his holidays exploring the world or adventuring in the Southwest with a strong connection with the ocean.

Edward also has a strong passion for music and has recently teamed up with like minded individuals who create events that promote local music in unique locations around Perth.

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features 26-year-old Secondary School Teacher – Edward Sawle, who specialises in teaching Geography and Environmental Science. He is currently teaching at the prestigious Iona Presentation College and in a very short span of time, has gained experience teaching for the Department of Education and managed a variety of boarding schools across Perth.

Top Questions for School Teacher:

  • 1:25 – What are you like as a teacher in the classroom environment? And what makes you unique in the role?

  • 2:57 – What does a normal day look like for you?

  • 4:11 – do you find the work enjoyable?

  • 6:13 – What pathway did you choose to become a teacher?

  • 8:30 – What skills are important to become a teacher?

  • 9:14 – How did you develop the important skills to become a teacher?

  • 10:10 – If you were not a teacher, what career what you consider?

  • 12:04 – Was the study difficult during your time in university?

  • 14:25 – Does your job pay well?

  • 15:53 – What is the graduate base pay and how does it progress over the years?

  • 19:19 – Did you have a back-up plan?

  • 20:49 – Do you find the job rewarding?

  • 23:16 – Do you have any advice to students who want to pursuit a pathway of teaching?

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