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Elishia Dunne

Career :

Veterinary Industry



  1. Bachelor of Veterinary Science 

  2. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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About Me

Elishia is a small animal veterinarian who works in general practice. She loves her job and believes that she has turned her passion into a career. Her typical day involves treating sick animals, vaccinating new pets, performing surgeries, educating pet owners, and making a real impact on someone's life. Elishia became interested in the veterinary industry at the age of 14, after doing some work experience at her local clinic. She discovered that studying veterinary medicine is highly competitive, but she was determined to become a veterinarian. Despite not being accepted directly into Vet Medicine at University, she worked hard in high school to get her ATAR score. She decided to take the alternative pathway of studying Animal Health and Animal Science at Murdoch University, hoping to transition into veterinary medicine within a year. After getting rejected from vet school twice, Elishia was even more determined to succeed. She applied again at the end of her first year of university and went through another year of study before being accepted to study veterinary medicine. She completed four more years of study and finally graduated in December 2022. Elishia's current veterinary interests include medicine, emergency, and wildlife. Outside of work, she runs her own dog walking business and social media platform. She is passionate about health, fitness, and spending time outdoors in nature.

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