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Ella Burnage

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1. Bachelor of Physiotherapy - University of Notre Dame Australia

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About Me

Ella is a Physiotherapist working within the private hospital system. She began her career working in inpatient rehabilitation, and now works predominantly on acute medical and respiratory wards. She is currently based on a cardiothoracic ward, providing patients with care as they recover from major heart and lung surgeries.

Her role involves working in a fast-paced environment closely with various team members including nurses, doctors, occupational therapists, and social workers. After finishing high school in 2015, Ella was torn between a variety of interests, and found choosing one career path difficult. Through her studies she discovered fields of physiotherapy she was previously unaware existed.

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This episode features 24-year-old Physiotherapist -Ella Burnage, who is currently working within the private hospital system, providing patients with care as they recover from major heart and lung surgeries. Ella like many people found it very difficult in choosing only one specific career after finishing school, as she had a lot of different interests, but eventually found Physio as the right fit for her.

Top Questions for Physiotherapist:

  • 1:09 – Did you ever imagine being where you are today as a Physiotherapist?

  • 2:01 – What does a normal day look like in your role?

  • 3:14 – What do your work hours look like?

  • 3:47 – How did you decide which specialization in Physio you wanted to focus on?

  • 5:24 – Did you struggle to find a job after completing your studies/degree?

  • 7:24 – how long do you have to train before you become independent in the workplace?

  • 8:49 – Is there anything that shocked you about the role?

  • 9:42 – How hands-on/practical is the job?

  • 10:39 – Does this role have steady pay?

  • 14:20 – What do you find rewarding about the role?

  • 15:15 – Would you consider any other career paths in the future?

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