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Elliot Charleston

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About Me

Elliot, known as a dedicated ICT Support and Marketing Officer at a small private school in Perth, takes charge of managing device and software needs while offering comprehensive support to staff and students. They collaborate closely with the ICT systems administration team to ensure smooth operations across the school's technological infrastructure.

In addition to their technical responsibilities, Elliot plays a vital role in the school's marketing efforts. Working alongside the Marketing Coordinator, they capture the essence of school events and grounds through photography and filming, contributing to social media and web marketing initiatives. Elliot's creative flair extends to producing captivating video content for promotional purposes and managing the school's website to keep it engaging and up-to-date.

Furthermore, Elliot is deeply involved in the school's event production, providing sound and AV support for various gatherings and assemblies. They also take on the role of mentor, imparting technical and production skills to students while collaborating with fellow staff members.

Outside the confines of the school, Elliot runs a thriving freelance Photo and Video business, catering primarily to the music industry with music videos and live music photography. However, their portfolio is expanding to include family portraits, reflecting Elliot's versatility and commitment to meeting diverse client needs.

Despite holding only a Cert 3 in Design Fundamentals, Elliot's expertise in music performance and graphic design shines through in all their endeavours. Their journey is fuelled by a genuine passion for their craft, which has grown and evolved over the years through dedication and hands-on experience.

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