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Georgia Parentich

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Digital Marketing




1. Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Media and Communication and Marketing. - UWA

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About Me

Georgia is a digital marketing strategist and account manager at Clue, a digital marketing agency in South Perth. She’s spent the past 5 years working in an agency, running marketing campaigns for ecommerce companies such as Sommer Swim (a swimwear brand worn by Kendall and Kylie Jenner), and not for profit organisations such as Cancer Council WA, The Emergency Action Alliance and Youth Focus. She’s found that working in a marketing agency has been a fantastic opportunity to learn all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, social advertising, strategy, content creation and project management. Working alongside other marketers, designers and developers you’re constantly learning and bouncing ideas off one another.

Her favourite aspect of marketing is that it combines so many different skills - creative design, data and analytics, strategy, writing and much more. Georgia has recently found a passion for working with not for profit clients. Her highlights from this year including speaking on a panel for the WA Fundraising Institute about how to run a successful Giving Day and helping to facilitate training sessions for social media.

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