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Hannah Ngo

Career :

Associate Film Producer




1. Masters of Screen Studies in Producing - Edith Cowan University

2. Bachelors of Accounting and Communications - UWA

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About Me

Hannah is an early career producer originally hailing from the West Coast of Australia. She draws on her Vietnamese heritage to help drive stories in an unexpected and uplifting way which is evident in her catalog of award winning short films. More recently, Hannah’s credits include the SBS series Iggy and Ace which premiered at prestigious Seriesmania as well as screening in competition at the C21 International Drama Awards and CinefestOz.

She is part of the Screen Producer Australia’s Ones to Watch cohort for 2021 being mentored by Chris Oliver Taylor. Hannah was named as one of the 20 Australian creatives for International Women’s Day by Screen Australia and is currently working as an Associate Producer at Werner Film Productions across their diverse slate. As a producer, what Hannah really wants to do is help make creative decisions that bring original and significant projects into being.

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This episode features Producer – Hannah Ngo, who is currently working at an award-winning film and television production company. Despite graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting, she chose to pursue her passion and enter the creative arts. In her own words, it was the best decision she ever made.

Top questions asked by students for a career in Film and Television:

00:00 – Intro

01:19 – Was producing something you always wanted to do?

02:47 – What does a typical day look like?

04:34 – What qualifications are required for the role?

06:26 – What is your advice to get experience in the industry?

07:57 – How did you find a job? What was the process?

10:42 – Were you selective of the type of projects you worked on when starting?

12:08 – Did anything surprise you when first started working in industry?

14:47 – Do you have good work-life balance?

16:50 – What are your methods to keep a balanced life?

17:49 – Is there good career progression opportunities?

19:24 – Is the pay rewarding?

22:37 – What is the most important skill needed in this industry?

25:11 – What is your advice to students who may be interested to pursue this career?

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