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Hannah Nichol

Career :

Environmental Consultant




1. Masters of Environmental Science (Environmental Management) - UWA

2. Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Environmental and Marine Science) - UWA

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About Me

Hannah works as a part of the environmental approvals team at Jacobs. As a part of the environmental approvals team, she's had experience in a range of projects including environment plans, environmental impact studies and environmental compliance reporting.

She graduated with a Distinction from a Masters of Environmental Science (specialising in Environmental Management) from the University of Western Australia in mid 2020. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Environmental Science and Marine Science. She also travelled abroad completing two units at the University of California Los Angeles in the Summer Program.

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This episode features 25 year-old Environmental Consultant – Hannah Nichol, who currently works as part of part of the environmental approvals team at Jacobs – where her main tasks look at creating very detailed environmental plans, conducting impact studies and also do compliance reporting. Hannah is incredible role model for young and talented environmental consultants and has excelled very quickly in her field.

Top Questions for Environmental Consultant:

  • 1:07 – What is an Environmental Consultant? What do you do?

  • 2:10 – How did you get into your specific stream within Environmental consulting?

  • 3:04 – Did you ever imagine being where you are today?

  • 3:51 – Was there any worry or hesitation this pathway might not work out for you?

  • 4:22 – Have you always been passionate about the environment?

  • 6:03 – What options for study did you consider in becoming an Environmental Consultant? And how did you find the studying experience?

  • 8:18 – Was it hard to find a job? What was the process for you find a job?

  • 11:11 – Do you have a good work-life balance?

  • 12:39 – Does your job pay well?

  • 14:14 – Do you get to travel much with your job? (both interstate and internationally).

  • 15:10 – How frequent do you need to travel with your job?

  • 16:04 – What are the most important skills for the job? And how can students start developing those skills to become an environmental consultant?

  • 18:03 – Looking back at your time at school and studying to become environmental consultant…if you had a chance to go back and do it all again, would you do anything differently?

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