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Helene Lesaffre

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About Me

Helene has been working in recruitment and HR for the last 6 years. She is currently working for a Software company in Perth where she recruits people with technical expertise for Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Her favorite part of her current role is that she gets to speak to lots of different people every day and sees that she is making a tangible impact to the company. Previously she has worked for mining companies in Perth; a recruitment agency in the UK as well as an intergovernmental agency is Belgium.  

Helene chose to pursue HR at University, as she loves working with people and wanted to complete a degree that was not only focused on the business but also incorporated some facets of phycology.

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This episode features 30-year-old Talent Acquisition Speaclist – Helene Lessafre, who has been working in recruitment and human resources for the last 6 years. In a very short span of time, she has managed to get experience working in various mining companies in Australia, a recruitment agency in the UK, as well as an intergovernmental agency in Belgium.

Top questions for Human Resources:

  • 1:29 - What is Human Resources?

  • 3:58 – What is the most appealing working in Human Resources?

  • 5:43 – Do you have to go to university?

  • 7:00 – What subjects are useful to learn at high school for this career?

  • 8:57 – How did you apply for jobs? And what was the process for you?

  • 11:01 – Is the job hands-on or are you sitting behind a desk?

  • 12:37 – Do you get to travel?

  • 14:00 – Is there anything that surprised you once you started working in Industry?

  • 16:38 – Does your role pay well?

  • 19:31 – What are the most important skills needed for working in Human Resources?

  • 21:24 – What is your advice to students to prepare for a career in Human Resources?

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