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Izzy Rudy

Career :

HR Manager



  1. MBA (Edinburgh Business School – HW) – Ongoing  

  2. Level 6 Diploma in professional and digital marketing – ACIM 

  3. Associate diploma in people management – Assoc CIPD 

  4. GDPR data protection officer skills – certification achieved 

  5. LSE MBA essentials – qualification achieved 

  6. Introduction to systems engineering – certification achieved

About Me
Ask me a question
About Me
Ask me a question

In 2017 Izzy chose to pursue a career in international sports acrobatics instead of attend university, after 3 years Izzy retired in favour of pursuing a career and went on to join Abbott Risk Consulting (ARC) in 2020.

At ARC Izzy manages HR, Marketing, Communications and gets involved in strategic business agendas. ARC is currently funding Izzy through an MBA as she focuses on career growth, not gymnastics!

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