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Jack Seprarovic

Career :

Safety Consultant




1. Master of Professional Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

2. Bachelor of Science Majoring in Chemical Engineering

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About Me

Jack works as a Safety Consultant at Abbott Risk Consulting with experience in the Oil & Gas industry, working on projects with some of the largest operators and engineering firms in Australia, The UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Qatar. Some of the work Jack has undertaken in his role includes the development of Fire Risk Assessments, Dispersion and Flare Radiation Studies, Non-Flammable Hazard Assessments, Dropped Object Studies and more.

Jack graduated with distinction from the University of Western Australia in 2020 as a Chemical Engineer.

According to Jack, the best part of his degree was undertaking two internships with BHP and GHD at the Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter and the GHD Perth office, where he learnt a lot about the type of engineer he wanted to be!

In his spare time, Jack loves music festivals and going on fishes trips with closest friends. He is also passionate about cooking, and would have considered being a chef if had not selected engineering!  

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