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Jacky Lam

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 1. Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging (Honours) at Curtin University

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About Me

Jacky is a radiographer working at different clinics within the Perth metropolitan area. He currently works for Western Radiology and is a new graduate. He has had experience working at major public hospitals, rural locations and in surgical theatres as a student. Jacky specialises in general radiography (X-rays) and is currently training in CT. He has a strong interest in expanding his medical knowledge, and intends to specialise in Sonography in future years. His role is to provide diagnostic images through radiation by capturing images of the internal structure of the body and assessing the presence or absence of diseases or fractures. Jacky continually provides patient-centred care and liaise with doctors in order to detect the cause of injury or sickness for his patients to be treated. The work involves working in a fast pace environment, carrying high responsibilities and having strong communication skills.

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