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Jarrod Morton

Career :

Procurement Officer



  1. Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics)

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About Me

Jarrod works as a Contracts and Procurement Officer at Fortescue Future Industries with previous experience in the defence industry working with BAE. Jarrod admits he fell into the contracts and procurement space, when three weeks into his first professional job, Covid-19 struck and forced him to work from home for the next 10 months. The advent of Covid-19 and closure of the WA borders meant 4x 6-month rotations through differing business units turned into a two-year stint within the contracts and procurement team of BAE.


Working as a Contracts and Procurement Officer is incredibly varied, with requirements for each engagement varying drastically. From Scope of Work evaluations, running multi-million-dollar tendering processes, contract negotiations, contract administration and claims / dispute management, there is no status quo within the contracts space. The role requires being able to grasp technical and commercial concepts, and requires a great deal of stakeholder management skills.

In his spare time, Jarrod can usually be found pottering around the house either gardening or completing DIY projects. He has become “that guy” with his lawn, now having over 250 square metres of perfectly manicured buffalo lawn that he spends way too much time and money on. Jarrod has also just finished replacing his bathroom and kitchen himself. Outside of this, Jarrod is passionate about travelling, particularly to winter destinations where he can ski.

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