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Jordan Randazzo

Career :

Social Worker




1. Master of Social Work - UWA

2. Graduate Certificate in Marketing - UWA

3. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) - UWA

About Me
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About Me
Ask me a question

Jordan is an Australian Accredited Social Worker (AASW), starting out as a residential care worker in Department group homes while studying his Masters. Not long after obtaining his qualifications, Jordan moved overseas to Cambodia as an international sustainability manager for a not-for profit, his main focus was on program and financial sustainability, as he puts it – a form of economic social work. With Cambodia cut short due to covid, Jordan returned and worked as a case manager/child protection worker in Mandurah for both a non-government organisation and for the department of child protection and family support.

While thoroughly enjoying the work, often feeling challenged as well as supported, Jordan felt his work in Cambodia was unfinished and made the move back this year.

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features 27-year-old Social Worker – Jordan Randazzo, who initially pursued a pathway in finance, but always knew and eventually chose his passion in becoming a social worker. Jordan has worked in some of the most extreme circumstances for child protection and family support, and shares some very honest perspectives of his journey so far.

Top questions for Social Worker:

  • 1:52 – What is a social worker? And what can you do in the role?

  • 3:47 – At what point did you realize you wanted to become a social worker?

  • 7:18 – What is the process to become a social worker?

  • 8:23 – What does a normal day look like in work?

  • 12:49 – Is there anything that shocked you when started working in this role?

  • 16:01 – How do you mentally cope with some of the traumatic situations faced in the role?

  • 17:42 – What is the most challenging part of the job?

  • 19:40 – How much can you earn as a social worker?

  • 22:48 – What are the important skills needed for the job?

  • 26:56 – Is this a career you can do for a long time?

  • 29:10 - Do you have any advice for students wanting to pursuit this career pathway?

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