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Josh Di Grandi

Career :

Civil Engineer




1. Bachelors of Civil Engineering (Fist Class Honours) - Curtin University

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About Me

Josh is a qualified Civil/Structural Engineer currently working in the mining industry as a Project Manager overseeing capital projects. He started his career as a Graduate Site Engineer, working in the Construction industry building large commercial construction projects. It was through this role he built a wealth of experience he believes is the foundation of both the technical and managerial skills which he relies upon today. He believes resilience and patience are two fundamentals that are key to growing a career or becoming successful in a chosen pathway.

He would challenge anyone starting out in their career, studying or trying to figure out where to start, to go out and gain as much experience and exposure in their interest as possible. It will help build an understanding of the role but also give you life experience that can help you add value in a role later on.

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features 28-year-old Civil Engineer – Josh Di Grandi, who has worked in the mining and building and construction industry, having a variety of experiences he never imagined. Josh shares a lot on the reality of engineering and where the opportunities can take you.

Top questions asked by students for Engineer:

00:00 – Intro

01:44 – Why engineering?

03:28 – How did you decide what field of engineering you wanted to pursuit?

06:05 – How did you know engineering was right for you?

09:58 – Did you have a backup plan?

11:33 – Is studying engineering in university hard?

16:00 – How did you find a job once you graduated?

20:55 – How much is applied what you have learnt in university to the real world

24:12 – What is the salary range when starting out in your field?

29:17 – What keeps you motivated in your job?

32:04 – Do you plan to be an engineer for the rest of your career?

35:42 – If you had a change to go back to high-school, would you do anything differently?

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