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Julia Tana

Career :

Legal Assistant



  1.  Bachelor's Degree, Environmental & Marine Science (UWA)

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About Me

Julia has been the working in the legal industry for the past 5 years as a Legal Assistant, despite studying a degree in Environmental and Marine science. Even though Julia thoroughly enjoyed her degree, she decided to take up the role of a legal assistant, because it could provide her a balanced work-schedule where she can also make time for her family and friends. Julia admits the work of a legal assistant is quite demanding, but also extremely rewarding and suits her lifestyle perfectly! 

Her typical tasks involve formatting and drafting correspondence and various legal precedents’ such as settlement documents, preparing and filing court forms, matter openings, collating briefs and general accounts and end of month billing processes. In her spare time, Julia likes to attend reformer Pilates classes, snorkel and bake sweets.

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This episode features 27-year-old Legal Assistant – Julia Tana, who entered the legal industry with no prior knowledge, as she completed her degree in Environmental and Marine Science. Julia now has close to 5 years experience in the industry and works at a top law firm in WA, and she has a lot of great advice!

Top questions asked by students for Legal Assistant:

1:36 – What does a legal assistant do? And what does a normal day look like?

2:57 – Why did you pursue this career path?

6:28 – Was there any other career paths you considered in the legal sector?

8:09 – How involved are you in legal matters and the decisions that happen?

9:42 – How long did it take for you to be familiar with all the different legal practices?

11:41 – Do you need to have a degree to pursue this career path?

12:12 – Is it hard to get a job in this role?

13:09 – How did you stand out in the interview process?

14:41 – Did you have a back-up plan?

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