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Lara Urosevic

Career :




  1. Bachelor of Science Hons. (Geology) University of Western Australia

  2. Master of Science (Geology) University of Western Australia

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About Me

Lara has been working as a geologist for over four years. She currently works underground on a fly-in fly-out roster in the Pilbara. Prior to this she lived and worked in the mining hub of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. She has also dabbled in academia and environmental consulting before getting into mining. She decided to change from city work to mining because of a better work:life balance and a more outdoors, active role. 

She originally pursued geological studies due to her passion for the outdoors, science and nature.

Lara is also very passionate about the arts and spends much of her time off reconnecting with her artistic side. 

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This episode features 27-year-old Production Geologist – Lara Urosevic, who has been living the fly-in fly-out lifestyle for a large mining company in Western Australia. Lara has always enjoyed being outdoors and seeing nature, as her career in the mining industry has given her amazing opportunities.

Top questions asked by students for Geologist:

00:00 – Intro

01:29 – What does a typical day look like for you (as FIFO)?

03:31 – Have you always been passionate about Geology?

05:43 – What options for study did you consider?

09:16 – Was it hard to find a job?

12:31 – Do you have any tips/advice for the application process?

16:13 – Do you have a good work-life balance?

18:29 – Does your job pay well?

20:22 – Do you get to travel much?

22:14 – What are the most important skills for the job?

26:08 – What is your advice to students who may be interested to pursue this career?

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