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Libby Perica

Career :




  1.  Bachelor of Science (Medical Imaging Science), with first class honours

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About Me

Libby is a qualified Radiographer with 5 years of experience in X-ray and CT imaging. She started her career working in a major trauma hospital in Perth CBD, which was challenging but equally rewarding. This experience allowed her to become highly adaptable, and was great in building her communication and teamwork skills. Growing up loving the show ‘All Saints’ as a child, the grim, tragic, and sometimes gory scenes of the trauma hospital never phased her. It instead brought her joy in the process of helping people in their time of need. However, the shift work life was not for her, so she moved on from the hustle and bustle in pursuit of redefining what work-life balance means for her.

Libby is passionate about what she does in her career, she is fascinated by the human body and loves helping people. She is also equally as passionate about mental health, travel, the outdoors, and Harry Potter books.

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