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Mishna Nagda

Career :

Sound Specialist




1. Bachelor of Arts (Screen Arts) - Curtin University

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About Me

Mishna specialise's in post production sound for film and TV, as her role is all about creating the entire soundscape of a production. Currently she's working for a Perth based production company as a sound specialist, video editor and a motion graphic artist.

Mishna graduated with a degree in screen arts from Curtin university and since then have worked on a range of short films, features and a few web series. Her major highlights include earning an international award for best sound design for a short film called Evenfall by Alucinor Productions.

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This episode features 28 year-old Sound Specialist – Mishna Nagda, who specialises in post-production sound for film and TV, which means she’s responsible for creating the entire soundscape of a production. Before realizing sound production was her true calling, Mishna considered a number of different career options during her early years of school, even at one point even considering mechanical engineering.

Top Questions for Sound Specialist:

  • 1:22 – What is a Sound Specialist?

  • 3:01 – What does a normal day look like for you?

  • 4:22 – after highschool, what pathways did you consider to become a certified sound specialist?

  • 7:37 – What subjects do I need to focus in high school to become a sound specialist?

  • 8:40 – Outside of school, how can you prepare to become a sound specialist?

  • 10:28 – What are the most important skills for the role?

  • 12:16 – How did you go about applying for jobs when completing your studies?

  • 15:27 – How did you support yourself (financially) before you landed your first paying job as a sound specialist?

  • 16:59 – Does your current job pay well?

  • 19:12 – Did you have a back-up plan?

  • 20:33 – How far can you progress in this role and what is your end goal/aspiration?

  • 22:26 – Do you have any advice for students wanting to pursuit this career pathway?

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