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Nicolas Floan

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  1. Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting & Entrepreneurship

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About Me

Nick works as an Accountant at Proteomics International Pty Ltd, A company that specialises in making diagnostic kits for diseases such as Diabetic Kidney Disease and Endometriosis. His role initially was as a bookkeeper who looked after data entry, payroll, banking, invoicing and monthly reporting. As the company grew, his position grew to take on more task such as taxation, financial reporting and setting up new systems within the company. Some of the work undertaken by Nick as the role grew was Implementing Payroll, Accounts Payable and Manufacturing software/systems, organising corporate events, building relationships with banks and more.

Nick Graduated from Curtin University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and Entrepreneurship in 2020. According to Nick, the best part of the degree was getting a grasp of accounting software that was relevant to his job at Proteomics and the hands-on units that Entrepreneurship offered. Currently he is undertaking his chartered accountants’ course to help develop his knowledge even further.

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