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Paris Ward

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1. Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing and Public Relations

2. Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

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About Me

Paris works as a Consultant in the Strategic Communications practice of FTI Consulting,

providing strategic advice to ensure her clients can effectively communicate with their stakeholders,

engage with key media and government personnel, and manage crisis and issues to ultimately

protect and enhance their reputation. She’s worked with companies in the energy and resources,

technology, transport, industrial, property, health, agricultural and non for profit sectors.

Her work usually involves building messaging, strategies, and communication assets that support

positioning, profile raising, relationship building, and high-stakes situations. Paris is most skilled at

media analysis, digital insights, ESG advisory and sustainability reporting, change management,

social media strategy and digital communications.

Paris admits it took her a little while to work out what she wanted to do. In the lead up to graduating

from Curtin University in 2019, she started out studying a Bachelor of Architecture, then moved to a

Bachelor of Arts and finally found her feet in a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in both Marketing

and Public Relations.

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