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Sam Fatovich

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1. Bachelor of Science (Nursing) - Curtin University

2. Bachelors of Arts - UWA

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About Me

Sam is a Registered Nurse currently working in the Emergency Department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. He has previously worked in surgical and transplantation specialty wards. Sam has a particular interest in emergency health and healthcare reform. He became passionate for healthcare later in life while initially studying a Bachelor of Arts. He changed to a nursing career to due to the desire to working in a field that provides direct positive change to people’s lives, that is constantly changing, and has both strong horizontal and vertical growth. Sam is passionate about mentoring students who are looking to pursuit a career in nursing.

When he's not working, Sam will always make sure to spend quality time with family and friends.

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features 28-year-old Registered Nurse – Sam Fatovich, who surprisingly never thought he would become a Nurse, as his first pursuit was a career in the arts! Sam now has a variety of experiences in multiple hospitals and is passionate to mentor students from all walks of life interested in the career as nurse.

Top questions asked by students for Nurse:

00:00 – Intro

01:36 – How did you decide what you wanted to do after high school?

05:17 – What was the critical factor for you to pursuit nursing?

06:22 – Does nursing provide a structured work-life balance or is it chaotic?

08:41 – Apart from helping people, what are the benefits of the role?

11:27 – What shocked you when you first started working as a Nurse?

14:47 – Do you have to go to university to become a Nurse?

16:49 – What are the important skills needed for the role?

19:27 – What are the most challenging aspects of the role?

22:43 – How to deal with stress on the job?

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