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Serena Rodrigues

Career :





1. Master of Mechanical Engineering

2. Bachelor of Science majoring in Engineering Science

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About Me

During her time studying as a Mechanical Engineer at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Serena was lucky enough to have a couple of opportunities completing vacation work at a mining company as well as a management consultant company. She graduated UWA with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Mechanical Engineering.

Serena “fell” into a career in the mining industry, starting as a Maintenance Engineer for heavy mobile equipment (haul trucks, excavators, drills). She is now a Superintendent that manages a team of maintenance supervisors who look after teams of auto electricians, heavy diesel mechanics and light vehicle mechanics that maintain an array of fleet across a mine site. Although she began her career in a technical role, her role now predominantly compromises of managing people and ensuring they complete their work safely and competently

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