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Simone Hammond

Career :

Commercial Pilot



  1.  Diploma in Aviation

About Me
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About Me
Ask me a question

For the last 3 years Simmi has been working as a line pilot, conducting charter and scenic flights around some of WA’s most stunning locations; the Ningaloo, Pilbara and Kimberley regions. The best part of Simmi’s job is travelling to remote areas, seeing sights inaccessible by car and testing her skills and knowledge in the real life challenges that flying poses. She graduated from the Western Australian Aviation College in Jandakot with a diploma in aviation and a commercial pilots license. Her end goal is a career that provides a suitable work-life balance with time for friends, family and travel. In her spare time, Simmi likes to do pilates at the gym, lay at the beach or go camping with friends. If she wasn’t flying, she would have turned her interest in alternative health into a career as a naturopath!

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