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Timothy Ly

Career :

Paralegal (Law Student)




1. Bachelor of Arts (Major in History, Minor in Philosophy)

2. Juris Doctor (2021 – Current)

About Me
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About Me
Ask me a question

Timothy is a law student studying the Juris Doctor at Monash University. He currently works part-time as a paralegal in the Melbourne CBD. Prior to studying law, Timothy wasn’t sure what the best career path was for him but chose to study law for his graduate degree as it would challenge him. Timothy has a current interest in Intellectual Property Law and the ways in which new technologies such as AI intersect with law.


Currently, Tim volunteers as part of EdConnect helping teachers and students out at the local primary school. He is also part of Monash Street Law which aims to educate students regarding the law. Prior to this, he helped tutor struggling students around his area.


Timothy also values his downtime, spending it with recreational activities like badminton, hanging out with his friends or binge watching his favourite TV shows on Netflix.

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