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Tom Payton

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1. Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy)  - Curtin University

2. Bachelor of Science (Biomedicine) - Deakin University

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About Me

Tom completed a BSc in Biomedicine in 2014 at Deakin University and continued to develop at Curtin University through a BSc in Physiotherapy, before graduating in 2017. Tom has been working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 5 years and has been working as a rehabilitation consultant for the last year.

He treats his clients using his knowledge of the body’s motor control and its relation to biomechanics, whilst incorporating manual therapy and pilates. Having experienced a vast number of sporting injuries he was passionate to become a physiotherapist from a young age. He not only treat and rehabilitates, but advocates for the prevention of injuries.

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This episode features 29-year-old Physiotherapist – Tom Payton, who has been practicing musculoskeletal physiotherapy for the last 5 years, and currently working as a rehab consultant. Tom at very young age was a competitive athlete, and played a lot of footy – where he unfortunately experienced a lot of injuries, but also fortunately, it ultimately led to his passion and interest to become a physiotherapist.

Top Questions for Physiotherapist:

  • 2:18 – What does a physiotherapist do? And what are the misconceptions on Physiotherapy?

  • 7:41 – what does a normal day look like for you?

  • 13:26 – what is the most challenging aspect of your role?

  • 16:48 – what do you find rewarding about your work?

  • 17:58 – how much training is required before you become independent in the workplace?

  • 21:10 – does your job/career pay well?

  • 30:21 – how do you prepare for this career pathway?

  • 34:52 – when did you know this career path was right for you?

  • 40:24 – What would you do differently if you had a chance to go back to University or highschool?

  • 44:36 – Do you have any advice for students wanting to pursuit this career pathway?

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