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Vanessa Liew

Career :

Engineer/Business Consultant




1.  Masters of Mechanical Engineering   - UWA

2. Bachelor of Engineering Science - UWA

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About Me

Vanessa is a Senior Consultant in the Perth Technology, Strategy and Innovation team. She graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Master in Mechanical Engineering and prior in-field experience in the mining industry. Vanessa’s experience ranges from PMO to ERP implementations primarily in the mining sector, as well as workshop delivery in the public sector.

Outside of her work life, Vanessa enjoys having creative outlets such as cooking for friends, watercolour painting, and film photography

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This podcast is coming soon, feel free to ask me a question in the meantime.

This episode features 26-year-old Senior Consultant – Vanessa Liew, who is an Mechanical Engineer by background, but works as a consultant across Technology, Strategy & Transformation for global consulting firm – Delloite. Vanessa is a prime example of someone who has studied mechanical engineering, but not necessarily a typical role of a mechanical engineer, as she has achieved incredible success and growth as a consultant since graduating university.

Top Questions for Engineer/Consultant:

  • 1:27 – Did you ever imagine the work you do today… from when you first started your career and journey as an engineer?

  • 2:00 – How did you decide what field of engineering you wanted to pursuit?

  • 3:26 – How did you know engineering was the right fit for you?

  • 5:11 – Did you have a back-up plan? In case engineering did not work out.

  • 6:37 – How can one prepare for university life studying engineering?

  • 7:58 – Was there anything you would do differently to get the most out of the university experience studying engineering?

  • 9:15 – How did you find a job once you graduated?

  • 13:09 – How different is working in industry compared to your time studying engineering?

  • 15:15 – What is the salary when starting out and how far can it go?

  • 19:23 – What keeps you motivated on the job?

  • 20:45 – Would consider pursuing a different career path in the future?

  • 21:59 – Do you have any advice for students wanting to pursuit this career pathway?

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