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YP4Cash  Terms and Conditions

1. Program Duration and Cancellation:

The YP4Cash Program is valid for one year and may be canceled at any time, provided written notice is given to the participating Young Professionals (YP).

This promotion is only available for current Young Professionals part of the CareerView Network. 


2. Validation and Screening:

All newly referred YP must undergo validation and screening by CareerView before payments are processed. This is to ensure the authenticity of profiles and prevent fraudulent activity. Payments will only be approved once the YP's career profile has been validated and approved by the CareerView team, a process that may take up to 30 days.

3. Contacting New YPs:

CareerView team reserves the right to contact the newly referred Young Professional based on the information provided in the BIO template.


4. Profile Rejection:

CareerView retains the right to reject any newly submitted YP profiles at any time, leading to the non-payment of referral rewards to the referring YP.


5. Referral Limitations:

YPs participating in the program are limited to a maximum of 50 referrals within a 30-day period, for which they can receive payments. Any referrals exceeding this limit within the specified time frame will not be eligible for payment.


6. Payment Processing:

Payments for successfully referred YPs will be processed within 10-12 business days. Payments are made exclusively via bank transfer.


7. Liabilities:

CareerView disclaims any responsibility for liabilities incurred by YPs who are recruiting new YPs through the referral program. YPs are solely responsible for any legal or ethical considerations arising from their recruitment activities.

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